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Congratulations to Jared Kastigar, Ryan Ramey, and Wayne Rowley on their completion of the Superintendent Career Training Program - Carpenters International Training Fund (United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America).


Ryan Ramey, Jared Kastigar, and Wayne Rowley attend the Superintendent Career Training by the Carpenter's International Training Fund. They will attend the four session program and fullfill on the job requirements to complete the training.


The 6th annual 100 Men Who Cook event raised over $500,000 for the Terre Haute Children's Museum. Bill Hann,Jr was a participant in this 2014 charity event. He is the Vice-President of Hannig Construction, Inc.

“100 Men Who Cook” is a unique fundraising event where 100 local male celebrities prepare and share their favorite recipes. During the 2013 event attendees tried a variety of foods and tipped the chefs to show support for their favorite dishes. 

The 2013 event of 100 Men Who Cook raised more than $127,000 for the
Terre Haute Children's Museum.

Bill Hann, Jr., Vice-President of Hannig participated in this year's event. Congratulations on a successful community fundraiser!



ISU - Rec Center

THSB - Brazil Branch


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