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When design or contracting services are required on your next project, look to Hannig Construction Inc, a leader in the Terre Haute area since 1960.  We believe that every job, no matter how small or large, is equally important.  We have completed time and material projects that take as little as two hours to multi-million dollar expansion projects which span years.  Contact Hannig Construction Inc. to discuss your project in more detail.  Our firm has the ability to assist you in all phases of the construction process from planning/design to complete construction and budgeting services.

Please select from the following to learn more about the services we offer:

Design / Build
In the design-build approach, the owner contracts with one firm to provide both design and construction services.  It is often called a "turn-key" contract.  The design-build approach replaces the traditional method of awarding separate contracts for design and construction.  On a design-build project the contractor and architect/engineer are allied and work together to serve the owner.  The owner, contractor, and architect/engineer work as a TEAM to design and build a project that satisfies the needs of the owner.  The TEAM approach allows the members to work closely together with the project owner to focus on the clients needs and the project details to provide superior solutions for the project owners requirements.

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Competitive Bid
The owner selects an architect/engineer to accurately and clearly describe the project and all requirements in plans, specifications and bid documents. The contractor is chosen by one of three methods:

  • Hard Bid: The owner advertises for bidders and accepts the bid of the lowest qualified bidder.
  • Select Bid: The owner, often based on the architect/engineer's recommendation, selects a group of contractors to bid on the project. The lowest qualified bid is usually accepted.
  • Negotiated: The owner negotiates with one or more contractors and chooses the contractor he feels is the best for the project. The selection is usually based on CONFIDENCE, TRUST AND RELATIONSHIP.

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Post Build Services / Maintenance
Post build services and maintenance are usually negotiated contracts with particular owners which may encompass an entire plant or facility wide maintenance program or small one-time job orders as required by the owner. Usually these services are accompanied by mutually agreed upon time and material labor rates for all potential crafts and set fees for subcontracts, materials and equipment. These types of contracts work best for owners who may not have the need for a full time maintenance staff with a multitude of abilities. An example of this might include small retail stores, restaurants or light commercial endeavors. The extreme opposite may be a large manufacturing or industrial facility with large continuing and preventative maintenance needs that becomes burdensome to their regular maintenance staff because of the manpower ups and downs.

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Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings is a specific type of construction but has steadily grown into a specialized avenue for owners to be in a facility very quickly. Whether it be a small retail store or a 500,000 square foot manufacturing facility or warehouse, pre-engineered metal buildings offer both an economical benefit and a timely schedule for occupancy. Pre-engineered metal buildings can be designed and built to look like any conventional structure imaginable; however, the benefit of being pre-engineered loses its advantages with both schedule and cost when the project is of intricate or unusual design.

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Construction Management
The Construction Management Association of America defines construction management as management activities over and above normal architectural and engineering services conducted during the predesign, design, and construction phases, that contribute to the control of time and cost. The owner selects a construction manager and architect/engineer to act as a design and support team to assist, advise, and inspect during the construction of the project. An owner may choose one of two methods of construction management: construction management with a general contractor or construction management with no general contractor.

Using the construction management with no general contractor, the owner hires a construction manager on a fee basis to assist them in acting as their own general contractor. The owner then signs contracts with multiple subcontractors. When an owner selects this method of contracting, they may save money, but they also assume more risk.

The construction management with a general contractor is usually used when the project is complex, very large or the owner puts a high priority on getting a top quality job. The owner does not need experience and knowledge of construction if he chooses competent team members. The owner may contract with one or more general contractors by negotiation, select bid, or hard bid, thus creating as few as three direct contracts (i.e. construction manager, architect/engineer, general contractor).

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Architectural / Engineering
We offer architectural/engineering expertise from our affiliate, CADD Consulting & Design, Inc. which is one reason we are able to give you such complete services. With this service we bring design and architectural expertise in from the beginning, working to coordinate structural necessities, cost, and aesthetic appeal into a building you'll be proud to own. The services of Hannig Construction and CCDI are available in combination or separately, whichever better suits your project needs.

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